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The PopNerdery Podcast is a place where you’re allowed to have an opinion on anything in pop culture, but you’ve gotta have more than just a little bit to say.  Each week we’ll pick out some of the headlines that have us talking, do a deep dive into the topic of the week, and hit you with our pop culture recommendations.

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Brent Fatig | @ShouldntBragBut

Father of two and husband of one. Veteran tweeter. Amateur content-generator. Full-time life enthusiast. Midwest values with a South-northern flare. Love music, movies and comedy.

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Dave Fultz | @PopNerdery

Dave is a writer, podcaster, husband, and brother. He would like to have an intelligent, high-minded, right-thinking, socially progressive, impressively pragmatic conversation with you. He might also be your best friend if you can name that reference.

Dave tweets as @PopNerdery for the show and you can follow him @davefultz if you want to see a grown man yell about sports and politics.









Topher Howden | @TheHospitalBall

Recovering hipster. Snappy dresser. Bourbon drinker. Vinyl collector. Beer brewer. Hoosier daddy. Itinerant sailor. Accomplished swearer. Surfer in-absentia. ODB’s my life coach. Your favorite rapper’s favorite blogger.

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